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5 stars
Must Have For Any MW Player! , Feb 7, 2011
Review written by Devlin85 - see all my reviews (2)

Seriously! This is the best tool at your disposal for anybody that plays Mafia Wars on a regular basis, especially if you have a high level account! Regular Updates and New Features All The Time!!


4 stars
Very usefull but some work to do! , Feb 2, 2011
Review written by Sunnytom - see all my reviews (1)

I like this script,especially to claim gifts and rewards.I dont like to fight automaticly.
Some more gifts would be usefull,i.e. Red Mystery Bags and maybe a boost extra page.
I use a little script to make also special gifts.Some are blocked by znga in the past,like the Bloody Berkshire,Stone Columns and Terracotta Tiles,but there are a lot of other one.Some info over it you'll find herein my notes(must be a friend of mine,but I sent already a fr to the author)
Thank you for your good work Sir!


5 stars
Very Good , Feb 2, 2011
Review written by Skers - see all my reviews (1)

MafiaWars Addon is great


4 stars
it's gooooood... , Feb 1, 2011
Review written by Gman64 - see all my reviews (6)

Very handy feautures !
I use PS Mafia Autoplayer but fall back on this addon everytime ...

Suggestions for improvement if i may ;-)

-option to autopost stashes/coins/ices in battlefield.
-gift accepter (with options for accepting specific ones and leaving some for later)
-Auto-do Personal Missions (the new type at mission-bar)

Keep up the good work !


5 stars
Fantastic! , Jan 29, 2011
Review written by Aimless - see all my reviews (1)

I've avoided scripts, but this automation is just great. Smooth interface that blends seamlessly into the MW application. The first time I ran the 'Home Feed Center' I just sat back and giggled - it was terrific.


5 stars
Simply BRILLIANT :) , Jan 27, 2011
Review written by qazaa - see all my reviews (1)

The best one I have seem so far for Mafia Wars. it rocks :)


4 stars
It works great when it works... , Jan 27, 2011
Review written by madcadder - see all my reviews (1)

Well... It works great when it works...

I've never had the gift function work correctly, but then again maybe I'm just not holding my tongue right.

Half the time it just doesn't load. Not sure why. Close it out and restart it and sometimes it works; close it out and restart it and sometimes it doesn't.

Battlefield is awesome. Collecting all cities is great. Makes good links, but I would like to see the Promote and the Crime Spree added to the main area instead of in separate areas.

I'm sure I didn't cover something. But it is really really good (when it loads...)

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4 stars
Great Script... , Jan 25, 2011
Review written by Abraxas - see all my reviews (1)

This is a great script. Handy tools all in one place that I don't have to unframe for. However it has quit working in firefox. Hence the loss of a star on my review. Hope to see something that will get it working again there as I prefer ff's more stable environment. Kudos for how it works on chrome.

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5 stars
Mafia Wars add on for Opera , Jan 24, 2011
Review written by Claudine - see all my reviews (1)

I have been using Opera since about 2008 as I found it to be way faster the IE, Firefox and sometimes Chrome...

I do not know anything about Java Scripts, but I would love to add this FB Mafia War Add-on feature to Opera. I am a MW addict who uses just about all the BM from Spockholm. I was trying to follow the basic instruction about adding it, using tools, preferences, advance and Java script.... I immediately got lost afterwards... Can you please help me to get this up and running. Thank you, a sincere fan of Opera


5 stars
Blackbolt1 , Jan 23, 2011
Review written by Blackbolt1 - see all my reviews (3)

Worked GREAT for 3 hours... then it disappeared...
Its there..enable..but it doesn't display/activate