Hide Google Instant Previews

By ArpitNext Last update Aug 17, 2011 — Installed 53,944 times.

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5 stars
Originally Didn't Work For Me. , Nov 19, 2010
Review written by BlueQuoll - see all my reviews (2)

It removed the icon but, since I don't have to actually click the icon, Instant Previews was still activated by clicking anywhere in the results. Now it seems to work well in disabling Instant Previews entirely. Thanks!


5 stars
Working fine on 64 bit Windows 7 , Nov 14, 2010
Review written by Elmer B. Fuddled - see all my reviews (1)

Loaded up refreshed the goggle search page and the Magnifying lenses had disappeared.

Clicked all over the page and only action I saw was when I hit a link.

A Sanity Saver.


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1 star
Does not work as it supposed to. , Nov 12, 2010
Review written by BF98 - see all my reviews (21)

What the use of removing preview button, if preview is activated anyway if you click near the link.