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By Thomas Chapin Last update Apr 8, 2013 — Installed 950,744 times.

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perdita coordinate , Mar 15, 2011
Review written by maradona - see all my reviews (1)

hello, first of all I would like to thank you for the work you do for us all.
I have a very annoying problem, I play and I galatine275 in 6 cities by entering the attacks in the camps do barbarian attacks from 3 cities and 3 cities archers attacks with light horses, my problem is that the cities with which I attack with horses Always remove the coordinates wouldst give me an explanation??

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Dont delete , Mar 12, 2011
Review written by Vazquez - see all my reviews (11)

Hi,scellent work,this scripts is the best i see here.I have found a new bug,i cant delete cords in the map.And another bug,when it try to send a march and koc say that cant send by excess of traffic it send the next march when it has to repeat the same march(sorry by my english i am spanish,i hope you understand me)I hope you can found a solution like ever,thanks.


5 stars
Excellent script , Mar 10, 2011
Review written by KrazyKat - see all my reviews (3)

Great work by Chapin and now a community effort.


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PLZ HELP ME , Mar 8, 2011
Review written by joojeh - see all my reviews (2)

About a week ago everything was so OK, then I tried to add lvl 1-5 to my lvl 6-7 barbs and everything boom, crushed.
Since then I have did everything, uninstalling scripts, monkey and all and reinstall again but nothing is the same
The script keeps resetting itself , I don't get to see the list off added coords after two or three refreshes and I am going to loose lots of troops, I am just helpless.
I am using latest version of monkey and scripts Firefox 3.6.10 and 0.8.6 of this script.
I also have power tolls and bot installed


4 stars
repeated attacks on farms , Mar 7, 2011
Review written by odessacritter - see all my reviews (1)

My auto attack is attacking farms every hour no matter what it is set on. 6hr or 12 hrs ect. Can anyone help me?


5 stars
Wilds Attacks - Suicide Troops , Mar 5, 2011
Review written by Blackie - see all my reviews (2)

I have picked up an issue with the two wave attacks when crest hunting.

Does not send out the Suicide Troops when loaded into bulk loads and when you click on the wild to confirm that you going to attack it the Suicide Troops don't come up at all.

Sure that this is easy to correct, so looking forward to the fix.



5 stars
Excellent! , Mar 4, 2011
Review written by Augster - see all my reviews (1)

I'm amazed & grateful at the amount of time & work given by the author of this script to keep it up to date and functional.
Considering the number of changes that are constantly done by FB & Kabam it takes a lot of dedication and know how to do what he does.
It's an awesome tool as long as you keep an eye on things and check back here for the most current version.


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Just Perfect , Mar 3, 2011
Review written by c0d3m0k3y - see all my reviews (1)

Title says it all


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Best yet , Mar 3, 2011
Review written by Vinceee - see all my reviews (2)

This script rocks!! well done!
A few of my friends have had issues with the auto-begger. It is showing the remaining time in seconds and they can't switch it off.
Working great for me though........Love it!


4 stars
still having issues , Mar 1, 2011
Review written by sam evans - see all my reviews (2)

the script worked perfectly until today . now i have no troop movements but do get reports it shows no encampments or reinforcements.. etc.kabam have been messing about in the night lol i would appreciate your looking into these issues when you get the time thanks ..keep up the good work you scriptwriters are awesome
truly endebted Sam