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Nice, only three small wishes :-) , Nov 9, 2009
Review written by chris2006 - see all my reviews (31)

I tried "Movie Torrent Search Linker" before, but I like this one better. First of all, it doesn't have a looooong script name, therefore isn't an annoyance when displaying in the Greasemonkey list on right-click in the status bar. Second, it is less obtrusive. There are only icons, which is just perfect.

Only two small improvements on my wishlist:

1. Make "Mininova IMDB-based search" icon distinguishable from "Mininova title-based search". Change the background color of the IMDB-based search Mininova icon to yellow, for example. That'll do it already.

2. Add btjunkie search icon please :-)

3. Rename script from "IMDB->Torrents Linker" to "IMDB Torrents Linker". The "->" characters look very ugly when displayed in Greasemonkey list on right-click status bar icon.

Thank you!