Google Reader Colored

By MaienM Last update Jan 22, 2012 — Installed 7,040 times.

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5 stars
need update to new reader , Nov 2, 2011
Review written by Ali Abou - see all my reviews (2)

I love this script, thanks to write it.
But in new google reader it doesn't work.
Please update it. The world needs your works.


3 stars
Works, but... , Oct 4, 2011
Review written by IntelliMoo - see all my reviews (18)

This script seems to work well but it has a few seconds delay on clicking folders in the reader tree. "Google Reader - Colorful List View" works much better instead. (Firefox 7.0.1)


5 stars
Perfect , Dec 9, 2010
Review written by chablah - see all my reviews (36)

Wow! It works great! Why is the other script, colorizer, more popular? This one is clearly superior.