BvS BillyCon Enhancer

By North Last update Dec 24, 2012 — Installed 36,191 times.

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5 stars
Most useful script ever , Feb 16, 2013
Review written by Authority2 - see all my reviews (1)

I practically can't do BillyCon without it. Thank you!


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5 stars
Love it , Sep 29, 2010
Review written by Price - see all my reviews (4)

this script makes looking at the schedule SOOOOOO much easier. thank you. ^_^

I do have a request tho if you think you are up for it ^_^

could you make a script that works with this one so people could click on each event and it would you the flux of your sleep/nom/stink as if you were actually going through the day. I realize that there are a ton of unknowable variables but even if you only did it for the baseline and add a box that people could change the amount of S/N/S and it would calculate what it would look like. I'm not sure I'm explaining it right but I have a really clear picture in my head. I just would have no idea how to go about writing one.