FB - Chronicles Of Blood Helper

By Jaryl Last update Aug 25, 2010 — Installed 12,106 times.

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5 stars
Awesome!! , Jul 15, 2012
Review written by Immanuel - see all my reviews (1)

This is great!

I hope one day you could also put auto bloodlust refill! as long as it has blood sapphires.


1 star
fair play , Jul 3, 2011
Review written by mikehum - see all my reviews (1)

Yeah this script is usefull but I have remove immediately because it against COB TOS, Diviad can track you easily, so play fairly


1 star
THIS IS SCAM! , May 30, 2013
Review written by sietf - see all my reviews (2)



5 stars
Good job! , Sep 10, 2010
Review written by Tung Duong - see all my reviews (2)

all your scripts are really helpful, from GT to CoB :)


5 stars
1st Script ever for CoB , Aug 20, 2010
Review written by jbpbgame - see all my reviews (1)

Since it is the first one. You wont see much in it.

But this script surely do the job.

Hunts for you heals for you. Probably PVE Players wont find anything wrong with it. Since its really great at that.

Thanks Jaryl for this...

Since this is the first script for CoB expect a lot of people publish scripts based on yours. Dont feel blue about it. Even me changes things on your this script.


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4 stars
would have given 5 , Aug 20, 2010
Review written by The Mentor - see all my reviews (1)

if you like COB but hate having to sit in fromn of your pc this is for you

1 makes sure you have enough pearls/rubies

2 make sure your fully healed and

3 set the setting you want in the configuration menu

4 ?????

5 Profit LOL

no really this coder knows the ins and outs of coding and it's a great script

decent but wish there was PVP auto maybe next time eh champ

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