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5 stars
Thanks! , Oct 24, 2011
Review written by vitalii201 - see all my reviews (29)

Can be added


5 stars
Almost perfect , Dec 3, 2011
Review written by cybergon - see all my reviews (2)

If anything needs to be added or changed about this script, if you don't mind some constructive criticism, is that when you click the link it should turn into an embedded video, instead of a centered video covering everything up. some may like it that way, so if you can make it optional it would be sway!


5 stars
I tested this add-on scrupulously and it is well done , May 1, 2013
Review written by Mr James Baker - see all my reviews (275)

One of my favorite! Since I installed
Works as advertised. Stick it to the man!

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4 stars
Good, but , Aug 26, 2012
Review written by Mysticization - see all my reviews (3)

the idea of changing Youtube -links tittle is excellent, but I dont't like the embedded video at all. I would use this addons if this only did the title changing.

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3 stars
usefull , Feb 1, 2012
Review written by blooblabb23 - see all my reviews (13)

very usefull, especially for forums. but i wouldve preferred if it just linked to a youtube page, instead of that weird black box that plays the video.

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5 stars
Awesome script !!! , Feb 22, 2014
Review written by rikkie - see all my reviews (14)

It's a fantastic script. Truly awesome!!!
Together with "Mouseover Popup Image Viewer"
they are scripts I can't do without.


5 stars
I can't find a way to change settings in greasemonkey , Feb 4, 2014
Review written by Zequi - see all my reviews (13)

It works phenomenal in chrome with tampermonkey though!


5 stars
Super Script ! , Nov 1, 2013
Review written by CITYCOMET - see all my reviews (85)

Thank you


5 stars
Works perfectly , Aug 4, 2013
Review written by Deusgola - see all my reviews (1)

Nothing to say here, it do what promises.


5 stars
Works great! , Mar 18, 2013
Review written by freecyber - see all my reviews (11)

I don't use the embedding (easily turned off) because I prefer to watch on the YouTube site. I installed this to display the video title and it does that consistently and without duplication (which was an issue with a similar script). Preview images pop up instantly on hover (that can also be turned off if you want). And it works on Twitter - I couldn't find another script that does. 5 stars.