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5 stars
Awesome , Dec 25, 2010
Review written by psovegule - see all my reviews (2)

Just what i was looking for after Onemanga stoped publishing, so old scripts were useles, great and thanks


5 stars
the best , Dec 29, 2010
Review written by ewank - see all my reviews (13)

fast and the best.all you need to do is just scroll down untill last chapter..thanks!


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4 stars
Great, simple new interface , Nov 27, 2010
Review written by fxsapa - see all my reviews (2)

This is a great script which provides a simple, not cluttered, monochrome interface which is great for reading manga.

The old version had enough features to read with less pain than the classic page by page interface. I can just hope the new version will be as good, if not greater, than the old one!