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I've was looking for this , May 8, 2009
Review written by katelin - see all my reviews (3)

But as I have a wide screen I wish to be able to position and resize my gadgets in a way I won't nedd to scroll down, I could look it through at a glance.

As I have more likely narrow ones , there would be place for this, but thes have to be below each other istead of besides.

I don't know wether is it possible

-to generate multiple columns ( I have a wide monitor I think 4 would be perfect).

-or if it would be possible to put
multiple gadgets into one coloumn
(positioning the gadgets in a kind ofgrid)

- or being able to tile the gadgets in a tab with the ability of resize the "borders"
rows and coloumns

(positioning the gadget more like the are now, - independent from vertical (but also from horizontal !) size

in the last case we cloud set the second alternate....

Keep up the good work, thank you!