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By Web diz@jneri Last update Jun 12, 2010 — Installed 787,788 times.

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5 stars
Where have you been all my searching life , May 25, 2010
Review written by iltcapix Retvin - see all my reviews (1)

This search script is a boost "The new Google look"
Taking what's best of that revamp and adding the functionality that greasemonkey users expected but did not get in "the new look".
Awesome customization. Adaptive search timelines depending on volume of search results. "Did you mean" alternative search sub panel. 0 reviews and 1 fan. Am I missing something and people are loving another version of the script. If not 100,000 script users unite in saying. I like it and I might give it a try. Thanks for the script "Web diz@jneri" and looking forward to further releases.

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5 stars
completes my google scripts , Jul 20, 2010
Review written by bbuubb - see all my reviews (2)

perfect! My google page was looking haphazard as a result of my other scripts. this thing cleaned everything up perfectly and was compatible with everything I was already using. Thanks.


2 stars
OK but not good , Jul 12, 2011
Review written by SUPER_KEG - see all my reviews (105)

Doesn't work on Google images. Need few improvements.