Neopets : Faerie Crossword

By w35l3y Last update Oct 12, 2013 — Installed 8,166 times.

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Fine! , Nov 16, 2011
Review written by Rossicky - see all my reviews (18)

Works perfectly most of times. Some day or another some answers are missing (so far I learned that the Sinsi's Specie is Ixi because of that, is the one that missed the most *laughts*).
But we can't compare filling one or two answers than 30 or something alike for free 600 NP per day and even +2 intelligence points for our pets :D


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5 stars
1 click and watch it fill up! , Mar 2, 2011
Review written by Emmmmerz - see all my reviews (4)

I hated doing the Faerie crossword, had to find the answers, slowly fill them in; and god forbid real life interrupt!

Once you navigate to the crossword page, this scripts fill in all the answers for you, and then notifies you if an answer is missing.

What is the point of regularly doing the crossword if you have the avatar? Free intelligence points for you active pet. Not every time, but they sure add up.

Thanks w35l3y!