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Seriously, do NOT install this , Apr 5, 2013
Review written by Matt Fermor - see all my reviews (2)

I've actually gone to the trouble of making an account on here so that I could warn people.

As I was going through my Facebook activity log just now I saw that I had subscribed to a page/group I'd never heard of called

ALL the TRUTH about what's happening in ISRAEL.

authored by Eran Greenboum.

It's typical Israeli talkbacker (paid bloggers) shenanigans. It's sad to see what lengths they would go to to get some support, even though the supporters would be unaware they were subscribed unless they went through their activity log.

I got to this userscript via a Facebook Page called

where they have a link to it on their front page. I'll be reporting them to Facebook when I've posted this. but I urge you all to NOT install it, or, install it and then check out your activity log on your Facebook page, which will prove my point, as I am sure the author will be on here denying this.

Hope I've helped.


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what? , Jun 15, 2012
Review written by limpfster - see all my reviews (2)

i'm temporarily banned? for what?


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Good show sir, good show , Feb 27, 2011
Review written by theulysses - see all my reviews (1)

easy to use and worked great