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Bank of America? , Jun 4, 2010
Review written by Tomasz P. Koluda - see all my reviews (15)

I tried it on the BofA site and it's a no-go :(
Yes, security, blah blah. I want auto-login and nothing seems to do it for Bank of America website. Tried it with the Allow Password Remembering ( script, which seems to remember the password, but then it never populates it. The only way it "sort of" works is when I disable JS, which, of course, is not a viable option :(
If you have time, or know an alternative, let me know! -Tomasz


5 stars
Excellent Script , Feb 18, 2010
Review written by NINJ4 - see all my reviews (1)

Works great on almost all websites I have visited, extremely helpful script!


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5 stars
Works well , Aug 31, 2009
Review written by b2b - see all my reviews (9)

Does exactly what it says: in pages where no auto-login is avaliable (for example, it does it.

Don't work with some secured websites, like some webmails.