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1 star
Unable to get it to work properly , Apr 17, 2010
Review written by jdigiano - see all my reviews (2)

It seems it's more geared to Mafia Wars rather than farmville. Can you do a script for just farmville gifts? I tried settings to only farmville but to no avail.


5 stars
It is very good , Apr 17, 2010
Review written by pilibird - see all my reviews (2)

Can author update the mafia wars sources of feed?
Because the functions of wall settings just can do a few works which
means it just collects a few news about feed, I hope auther can improve this part. Thanks a lot.


5 stars
Impressive , Apr 16, 2010
Review written by Morenna - see all my reviews (1)

The author is always participating with us and find quick solutions and improves for the script.

Not to mention he created something to expand those horrible and annoying 'similar' posts.

I recommend. I would never ever have time to resend respect or any other gifts in Mafia, even less in FV.
I have almost three thousand friends in my FB account.

Saving my time is the best in this script.

Thanks Schrubber =D


5 stars
Perfection , Apr 9, 2010
Review written by Mentalist - see all my reviews (1)

If only it accepted gifts for other games.
But it's still one of my favourite scripts, saves me from looking through 100+ requests to find a few Mafia Wars gifts.


5 stars
Excellent! Chrome version please :) , May 16, 2010
Review written by anewbie - see all my reviews (1)

I've been searching for a script to accept thousands of gifts from Mafia Wars, and this one serves the purpose.
Can we have a Chrome version too? Firefox is kinda laggy sometimes.

Thanks a lot for adding the confirm to mafia joins and invites :)

Other than just the ignore or skip options for other features, can we also have the block option for unwanted application invites :D


5 stars
a DEFINITE must have for MW players , Apr 4, 2010
Review written by Grace - see all my reviews (9)

If you're an avid player of mw, then this script is a must have. Between wmap and this scrip, you will regain freedom from the tedious task of clicking to send gifts to your mafias.I almost quit MW until I found this awesome script.


5 stars
Great Script , Apr 2, 2010
Review written by "'Bam OBob - see all my reviews (2)

The script is very functional and useful. The author works hard to keep this script up to date. Bravo!


5 stars
More , Mar 31, 2010
Review written by irgenius - see all my reviews (1)

I love the idea of this, but can you add codes for more games like zoo world egg buddies, fish ville, just all kinds...thanks for your hard work...


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5 stars
awesome , Mar 30, 2010
Review written by Gewey - see all my reviews (1)

i love this script =]
idk what your plans are but if you could increase functionality with non mafia wars requests, like accepting all pages. that would be sweet. I use 3 fb accounts and 2 of them i just accept every group, page, and cause.
and this script has the right idea.
so far tho, awesome! was looking for something like this for ages =]

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5 stars
Excellent , Mar 26, 2010
Review written by Captivate - see all my reviews (5)

I run 3 scripts. FVWM MWWM and This and with them all together, I can nicely play my 2 favourite games without getting a sore hand with clicking.