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By AubergineAnodyne Last update Jan 14, 2011 — Installed 79,293 times.

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1 star
Broken , Aug 30, 2012
Review written by IpseDixit - see all my reviews (1)

Completely broken and useless.
No parts of this script work at all.

The referenced URL in @include, http://www.ika-world.com/suche.php?view=suche_s... is 404 not found (link has changed).


5 stars
Very useful. , May 9, 2010
Review written by Seleneseraph - see all my reviews (1)

I think this is one of the best ikariam scripts out there. (at least for me :D )
This script really comes in handy, now at least I don't have to search like 50 islands to find out a players cities.

And also happy that the person working on this script is trying his absolute best to make the little flaws fixed as fast as possible.

Rated 5 stars ;)
Very good job indeed.


5 stars
GOOD JOB , Mar 8, 2010
Review written by -ASLAN- - see all my reviews (8)

Nice and very useful

Can u create search see in MAP only ^_^


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