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3 stars
2 small problems , Jan 15, 2014
Review written by Sịp Sặc Sỡ - see all my reviews (2)

1. It conflicts w/ Anti-Adblock Killer script

2. Would like to add RSS link directly to


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5 stars
Simple and brilliant , Dec 17, 2008
Review written by Hanno de Villiers - see all my reviews (1)

This is a very useful script, absolutely brilliant. It makes it so much easier to find feeds on as site, and it is one of the first scripts I install when I set up a new install of Firefox.


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5 stars
Useful. , Aug 9, 2009
Review written by simon! - see all my reviews (27)

Way to go!


5 stars
The best tool for add feed , Sep 24, 2012
Review written by Tokyo - see all my reviews (2)

This Tool is very cool!!!.

I has used this script for 3 years,
1,5 en firefox
and rest en chrome!, really good!

You can find fast your feeds, in atom or other.
really nice

i use google reader and this tool is the best, i am look.