Youtube (No Autoplay)

By NoHype Last update Feb 17, 2012 — Installed 20,482 times.

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5 stars
An Excellent Script That Does What It Says , Sep 25, 2011
Review written by thenonhacker - see all my reviews (12)

This script gets my 101% approval, thank you for creating a direct to the point script!


5 stars
Super Script ! , Oct 27, 2013
Review written by CITYCOMET - see all my reviews (85)

Thank you


5 stars
Excellent , Feb 25, 2012
Review written by alamada - see all my reviews (1)



5 stars
Excellent! , Sep 21, 2011
Review written by compfused - see all my reviews (1)

If it had 6 stars I'll give it an extra :)

Basicly this scripts does what it says in the title and it does it real good, it block youtube from annoying autoplaying. It does not prefetch videos in the background which is real great for those of you on low bandwith same as myself.

It also block videos viewed from the * path

Notice most other tube blockers seems not to block videos viewed from the * path since I've tryed quite a few of those before I bombed into to this real germ.

Thanks a bunch to the author of this one



5 stars
Works great! , Mar 20, 2013
Review written by G. Wood - see all my reviews (1)

Thanks, it works great. So far, anyway. :)


5 stars
The easiest way is often the best , Sep 8, 2010
Review written by Aspi - see all my reviews (4)

Genuis script!
Simple and effective. Thanks man :D


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5 stars
Thank you so much , Feb 13, 2010
Review written by NaaN - see all my reviews (1)

I have written a youtube buffer control plugin. It works fine with all the embeded players but on some videos on youtube my autoplay=0 was not working.

Had a hard time trying many things out.
Found your script and borrowed "ad_module" funda. I removed it completely from the flashvars and it worked.


P.S. what is this ad_module btw?


5 stars
Does what it says. ...and WELL! , Jun 11, 2010
Review written by Tomasz P. Koluda - see all my reviews (15)

Love it! Didn't need some fancy YT script that my old PoS laptop can't handle anyway. I open new YT tab whenever I see a vid I might wanna watch later and having them start was a pain cause it meant I had to click and stop them. No more!
This makes video wait til you're ready.

P.S. Me be dumbass sometimes. Just figured why it wasn't working: I had in excluded pages. haha. oops. :p


5 stars
Slightly Broken. , Jan 30, 2012
Review written by SUPER_KEG - see all my reviews (105)

It's great and I've been using it for ages so I can't give it anything other than 5 stars.

However, with the newest Youtube video player it seems to break the "large player"/"small player" buttons on the video. Would love a fix.


5 stars
Great , Jan 31, 2012
Review written by Luxian - see all my reviews (1)

Works great, except for the issue with "enlarded" view from new Youtube Player.