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4 stars
Its complicated , Sep 23, 2013
Review written by GaganSethi - see all my reviews (35)

How to use it?

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5 stars
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5 stars
Perfecto! , Oct 29, 2011
Review written by yuca89 - see all my reviews (9)

This is perfect! :)


4 stars
Hnady but ... , Aug 9, 2011
Review written by Ali Zamani - see all my reviews (1)

It's totally handy and useful and does it's job perfectly but the red dot appearing on top right corner of web pages tend to interfere with webpage's layout and can make things really messy and annoying. I use it frequently but sometimes I have to turn it off to access some web sites properly because it usually make the navigation section of websites distorted.


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5 stars
Problem displaying Google & Yahoo! search pages , Oct 31, 2010
Review written by Crisoco44 - see all my reviews (8)

Adds a small text 'Google' underneath the red button and causes the large Google logo to move over and become almost hidden behind the Google search box.
I don't suppose this interferes with the workings of any of the scripts but it just spoils the page display and looks unprofessional.
Happens with Google & Yahoo! search engines.

See Discussions "Problem displaying Google & Yahoo! Search Engines"

Edit: All problems attended to promptly by the author.


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5 stars
Excellent! , Oct 15, 2010
Review written by andyg2 - see all my reviews (1)

This scripts is well written, user-friendly, extremely functional and fast. Without a doubt it's the best form saver available. I would love it to work with Google Chrome but I understand that's quite difficult as the forms data is stored in Firefox's about:config and Chrome doesn't have such a facility. Still it's excellent and it's saved me so much time. Thank you!


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3 stars
Not documented , Oct 7, 2010
Review written by hkBattousai - see all my reviews (23)

I couldn't figure out how to use it. It didn't see it working for once.

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5 stars
almost perfect , Mar 9, 2010
Review written by jiguda - see all my reviews (4)

cant ask for any thing more. works perfectly for me.
only thing i want is edit data option.
and if possible multiple profile for single form.

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5 stars
Brilliant script , Feb 2, 2010
Review written by Preno - see all my reviews (1)

This is the best form fill script what I've ever used. Fast, easy to use and you can fill every form with it what you want.

Keep up the good work.