Gmail Sound Notify

By Yansky Last update Aug 1, 2010 — Installed 4,903 times.

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1 star
Causes problems and does not work , Apr 18, 2011
Review written by Tomorrow - see all my reviews (17)

Causes a pretty big 200MB+ memory leak and 30% extra CPU usage when writing a mail (not viewing or using gmail in other way) and does not perform it's advertised function.


2 stars
Unfortunately, it does not work , Aug 22, 2010
Review written by ASSMAN - see all my reviews (8)

Like others, I've tried a number of things to get this to work, but it simply does not produce a notification sound as it should. This has the potential to be a great script.. but alas.

I'll look at the source later to see if I can get it working.


1 star
Not working at all ! , Mar 10, 2010
Review written by baryoni - see all my reviews (103)

I tried your script with all Gmail versions and no sound came up.

Please fix it.

Thank you!


4 stars
FINALLY! , Dec 7, 2009
Review written by Dee Es - see all my reviews (4)

This should have been done literally ages ago. By Google.