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3 stars
No more needed , Jul 31, 2012
Review written by asravani - see all my reviews (2)

There are many more scripts better than this script. This script does not address many of my issues from a long time. However, I found many other scripts better than this. Still 3 stars as it is "open-source" and still working.


4 stars
Awesome , Apr 8, 2010
Review written by Walter Rumsby - see all my reviews (1)

What I've wanted ever since I first clicked on a PDF.

Two improvements I would like to see:

* Provide some kind of icon that indicates that the link is for a PDF.
* Allow the user the option of downloading the document as a PDF (e.g. via right-click)


4 stars
Very useful , May 20, 2010
Review written by Chimpanzee - see all my reviews (2)

For some reason the Acrobat Reader just WILL NOT work as a plugin for me. This is a great solution and is a lot faster than the official Acrobat software anyway!