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By Stanley Phang Last update Apr 29, 2013 — Installed 91,809 times.

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5 stars
Really useful , Jul 13, 2010
Review written by juba - see all my reviews (3)

The script works great and really add usability and readability to product pages. Works well with pages, too.


5 stars
Wow! , Jul 4, 2010
Review written by chablah - see all my reviews (36)

It actually works!


5 stars
Awesome! , Mar 21, 2010
Review written by Dr. Girlfiend - see all my reviews (2)

This script is fantastic! Amazon has become a usability nightmare over the years -- the amount of clutter on the pages was driving me insane until I found this script.

99% of the time, I just want to read the reviews at Amazon while researching whether or not to buy something -- everything else on the page just gets in the way and adds needless clutter.

The only thing that would make this script even more perfect is if it would remove all reference of the Kindle from my searches and page results. I don't own a kindle and have absolutely zero intention of buying one; it annoys me that I have to waste time mentally filtering it out.

Thanks for this wonderful script, mate!


5 stars
This one and BookInfoLine script all you'll need... , Jan 19, 2010
Review written by alexzolo - see all my reviews (2)
Better Amazon is a great script. I also use BookInfoLine, a very useful script. A must have if you buy 5 or more books per year.
Compare book prices from various book stores. Realtime, fast and accurate. Included sites: Abebooks, Alibris,, Barnesandnoble, Betterworldbooks, Biblio, Borders, Craigslist, Ebay, Ebooks, Google Books, Half, Kindle Editions, Powells, Strandbooks, Thriftbooks, Walmart. Fixed and Improved BookBurro.


5 stars
Loving it! , Dec 20, 2009
Review written by     - see all my reviews (15)

Out of the many scripts I've seen and tried, this has to be my favorite. It makes everything so much easier on Amazon I'm addicted to it. Thank you to the author.


5 stars
Perfect script , Nov 3, 2009
Review written by xpider - see all my reviews (1)

This script is exactly what i want.
It may save me a lot of space and time jumping around the page.

BTW, it may be a good idea to add a button on the page to toggle all the folded information with one click.