Book Burro - Remixing the bookstore

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Fixed, New Features, Improved BookBurro: , Jan 1, 2010
Review written by LitteBirdie - see all my reviews (3)

"Book Burro - Remixing the bookstore" was such a helpful script, but it has not been working for a while. They do have FireFox BookBurro Addon, but it is really not that thorough and very hard to modify. So here is new and improved working GreaseMonkey Script:

Fixed, New Features, Improved:

Fixed: All price are now properly extracted. (extraction starts as soon as you are on book page so you do not have to wait)

Included new reliable sources for books:,,,,, and Kindle Editions.

Removed all useless sites like:,,,,, Do Not Buy (a1books).com,,

Following sites are now being searched:
Google Books
Kindle Editions