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you forgot wav , Jun 9, 2010
Review written by TiagoTiago - see all my reviews (2)

it's kinda obstrusive, i will have to keep it disabled untill i wanna use it, but more importantly, you forgot to add wav to the accepted extensions

edit:btw, i checked the code, it says autoplay is false, but it still autoplayed for some reason...


2 stars
A good idea, but... , Nov 9, 2009
Review written by DaVince - see all my reviews (9)

This plugin takes a good idea and then doesn't implement it very well. It makes things easier to play online audio without having to download it or getting plugins, but there are a few things stopping me from using it:

Music autoplays, which means I definitely shouldn't open lists of music without hearing a complete cacophony of sound.
An example: http://davince.tengudev.com/music/2009/

The default player style is used, which adds a huge player element next to the link. This means that it doesn't only take up extra width, but extra line height too, making it possible to screw up layouts. I recommend the creator of the script adds a better style that fits to the height of the text so it's not as intrusive.

If you make the player less obtrusive and not automatically play this'd get a straight 5 from me.