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1 star
MORON? , Nov 2, 2010
Review written by _bugmenot_ - see all my reviews (35)

First script page is call ABOUT. And you fcking moron didn't write one single word about this script?



1 star
I'd give minus ten , Feb 5, 2011
Review written by rwc - see all my reviews (1)

Scripts without any idea what they do and no links do not deserve to appear in the search at all. Especially with such an uninformative name.

Dude, you're simply a troll abusing buzzwords Google and ++. I'd ban you ot until you learn how to document instead of trashing the search page.

Won't bother messing with my browser just to learn what this script does not. Worst possible mark without trying.


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1 star
doesn't work with Chromium , Feb 8, 2010
Review written by RJF - see all my reviews (1)

as above. obviously i reloaded Google's website, i reloaded the cache, even restarted the browser etc. but it doesn't seem to do anything at all. i also don't understand how it is configurable - the options are disabled.


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3 stars
为何不支持Chrome? , Jan 30, 2010
Review written by bao3 - see all my reviews (9)

我是使用google Chrome 的,为什么不支持呢?

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4 stars
Keep em coming , Nov 26, 2009
Review written by kaymac - see all my reviews (1)

Great job again mate, one of my fav scripts. Works great in Chromium/chrome too.

Top class.



4 stars
Good job. , Feb 11, 2010
Review written by Hiro Kobayashi - see all my reviews (3)

I was looking for a script that would remove the ads and sponsored results from google searches and came across this. Thanks, after fiddling around with the options I got the results page looking like I wanted it to. The side module displaying wikipedia results is perfect - saves having to do google and wikipedia searches separately.

Nice work.


4 stars
good script , Feb 27, 2011
Review written by Mr.T - see all my reviews (5)

I use google++ for a long time is perhaps my favorite script but nowadays with some changes in google i don't have the the preview /favicon and with some words/tags the script doesn't work (for instance iphone 4).


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4 stars
Search bar non-floating? + Wikipedia international? + Options button not in black? , Nov 10, 2009
Review written by chris2006 - see all my reviews (31)

This script is awesome! But I miss the possibility to make the search bar non-floating, so that it scrolls with the page.

OK, I found out that I can in Google++ Options go to "Interface" tab and alter the CSS in "Style Customization" box. I just replace "fixed" with "absolute" and now I have the top bars scrolling with the page. Would still be easier for users to have a check box though.

Oh, and is it possible to change the color of the Google++ options button from black to white or make it just a text links that visually integrates into the page. At the moment, it looks very distracting and obtrusive.

Also there should be an option to change which Wikipedia site is used. At the moment it used English Wikipedia, but I'd like to see results from German Wikipedia. It would be nice, if users could adjust the Wikipedia URL by choosing their country code in Google++ preferences.


Also found that the Wiki search sidebar box looks ugly when there are not enough results, because then the Wikipedia logo gets cut off. Would also be nice to remove the shadow/bold style from the headline "Wiki".


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5 stars
good job , May 26, 2010
Review written by derjanb - see all my reviews (3)

Well done and the best is, it works with on Chrome with installed Tampermonkey too :)

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5 stars
excellent , Oct 26, 2009
Review written by wyf88 - see all my reviews (5)

An amazing script making google more convinient as well as colorful

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