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1 star
HELP , Mar 27, 2010
Review written by - Khamul - - see all my reviews (1)

how do u install this omg??


3 stars
Someone update please! , Oct 28, 2011
Review written by crusy - see all my reviews (13)

This was one of the, no I think THE, best script until GameForge/OGame (v2.3.0) changed everything for the thousandth time and broke many of the functions of AntiGame (aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhh!!!)
So only 3 Stars now that (even minimal?)changes to make it compatible have ceased.


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4 stars
Problem with 1.22v , Apr 26, 2010
Review written by MirzaBole - see all my reviews (1)

Show plunder in spy reports dissapeared for .org


4 stars
Debris Field , Jul 20, 2011
Review written by Fujitxu - see all my reviews (1)

I know that this is not a paid script, but to the author i only want to say congratz by the hard work and to fix a little problem on it.

The debris highlight is not working smooth, because the debris image does not appear with less debris value choosen. That is creating conflicts with the skins. For instance: if i choose highlight a debris with more of 300 000, less than that it should give the debris image as natural ogame design and not numbers. Numbers resize the galaxy and change buttons positions in the galaxy in the correspondent cell....

If it is possible to make this well, i will be appreciated.... I only change the script to make the image appear again, but no more highlights lol


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4 stars
good , Dec 21, 2009
Review written by Aliuvatar - see all my reviews (2)

thanks !


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4 stars
think , Nov 28, 2009
Review written by troudism - see all my reviews (1)

think you


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5 stars
AntiGame Is The Bee's Knees , May 6, 2010
Review written by Neil Smithline - see all my reviews (12)

Can speak highly enough about it. Not only is it convenience, but I am convinced that it actually makes your game play more profitable.

When launching fleets, the way AntiGame automatically remembers your target (not 100% of the time but very often) and automatically chooses your mission type can save you seconds on every fleet launch.

Now I know seconds are just seconds, but sometimes a second or two is the difference between ecstasy and tears.

Even if your browser doesn't support GreaseMonkey, use Firefox just for OGame so you can use AntiGame. If you really hate FireFox, use Mozilla's Prism program so FireFox will become just an OGame application platform. Well worth it.


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5 stars
Superb Addon to a flawed experience , Jun 15, 2010
Review written by Picotech - see all my reviews (5)

Previous to this I've been using the highly customizable neogame, but as of now there still hasn't been an update for the redesign. Today I opened Ogame to come face to face with the redesign. My initial reaction was "it's so inefficient, slow, and annoying" so I searched the forums for a viable alternative addon that would quell the annoyances of the redesign and came to this greasemonkey script.

Very well done, though some people note that the fleet resources screen is bugged but all you had to do was go to the researches screen that the script could calculate the fleet times. Problem solved.

I wish that it could somehow make Ogame load faster (it's a lot slower than the old design) but I don't think that will happen in the near future). Most of the important features of neogame are in this script, especially the calculation of the needed ships to move res from planet to planet. Again, great script!

One welcome addition would be to show resources in flight. Though apparently in the 1.2 version of the redesign it's not possible as of yet.


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5 stars
Best OGame GM Script , May 1, 2010
Review written by woopsor - see all my reviews (2)

This script makes OGame much more playable and enjoyable. Features like calculating the amount of cargos needed or showing the speed of the ships on the fleet screen save loads of time.


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5 stars
Legal, great script , Oct 5, 2009
Review written by ShadowMorph - see all my reviews (1)

A great "little" script, works perfectly with the languages it has been translated for.

Adds a lot of useful things, and made the galaxyview a familiar place again :)
Got to love all those colors and numbers.
And the debrisfield as numbers. Just perfect.

There's nothing illegal in it (atleast not yet, hopefully won't be in the future either).

- ShadowMorph, TM @