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By ice films Last update Sep 17, 2013 — Installed 3,763,054 times.

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5 stars
Great Script!!! , Apr 30, 2010
Review written by rosie - see all my reviews (2)

Does just what is says! No problems or kinks, runs smoothly! Found this through a friend and what a handy little script!!


5 stars
Can this be modified to work with similar sites? , Oct 29, 2013
Review written by andrewjeff - see all my reviews (6)

I am very happy about this script, but i wanted to ask if it can be modified to work with similar site like icefilms? for example, as movie streaming alternative i use and was wondering if it can work with you script?


5 stars
Great enhancement , Jul 31, 2011
Review written by stimpy84 - see all my reviews (7)

This greatly simplifies streaming/downloading. Highly recommended!


5 stars
Glad you finally made the move :) , May 1, 2012
Review written by myrddinwylt - see all my reviews (1)

Great to see you have finally adopted this into your source tree. I can retire my modified script now.

The adjustment to your script in 2011 and early 2012 was merely to show a proof that DivX web player CAN be replaced, and to inspire the developers at to drop a bit more time into updating their Mozilla plugin.

Having done this, I am proud to have given the little nudge to better utilize this technology which was already there, but seemingly, it was being ignored in lieu of a very archaic DivX module. (nothing wrong with the DivX codec, just their web player is unstable as crap, and for a commercial company, you would think they could have found the time over a decade to correct the flaws in it).

Congrats go out to the team at VLC, and to ICE for taking the step forward with my suggested alterations with the proof here-in.

Keep up the good work, and always - strive for better.

(ps: to those on the ICE forums, I hereby apologize if I missed any of your messages on my VLC plugin thread. Please look toward ICE for updates from here on, unless they decide to pull VLC player out again ^.^)


5 stars
Needs better sources , Jun 30, 2012
Review written by NicholasLAranda - see all my reviews (3)

The script is amazingly coded and works perfectly.

I just with uploaders would start using better sources.


5 stars
Amazing , Jun 10, 2010
Review written by Vidura - see all my reviews (2)

Great script, and keep updating. thanks for the 2 shared upadte


5 stars
Awesome , Dec 4, 2010
Review written by Connor Way - see all my reviews (1)

This script works perfectly.
Thanks so much for it.
My only suggestion for how to make it better would be to implement hotkeys into the program (such as space to pause, or f for fullscreen). But this really isn't a big enough deal to make this script still not be worth 5 stars.


5 stars
Very good script , Feb 13, 2011
Review written by sebastian406 - see all my reviews (1)

This script is incredibly practical. Thanks a lot.


5 stars
fred b , May 22, 2013
Review written by fred bissonnette - see all my reviews (1)

This scrip is the best please keep up with it for all of us thanks agen


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3 stars
Some issues , Aug 13, 2011
Review written by R0bM - see all my reviews (1)

Works perfectly on Firefox and IE, however on my main browser Google Chrome, it fails to operate properly.