Ogame Redesign: Resources in Flight

By Vess Last update Dec 6, 2012 — Installed 247,783 times.

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5 stars
most useful script ever :) , Nov 26, 2013
Review written by levvi123 - see all my reviews (1)

I mean I'm using AntiGame and InfoCompte, but this is the 3rd I'm installing after the aforementioned 2 :)

A must have for everyone to easily check the available res in flight.

RESsave and returning res from attack, all summed up nicely in one informative row, just one click away at the fleet movement button.

Nice job! Many thanks!
SC from Rigel


5 stars
Very usefull , Dec 18, 2013
Review written by the.darkman - see all my reviews (1)

This is, beside my own script for ogame, the most usefull script. I really like it a lot because you're always informed about all your resources flying around.

Great job Vess :-)


5 stars
Good Scripts! , Dec 20, 2012
Review written by Trever d - see all my reviews (495)

Nice script, work very good, I really like it.


5 stars
Essential Script , May 25, 2011
Review written by b934128 - see all my reviews (1)

Essential script for the Redesign.

Without it you would lose loads of time.

Unfortunately, does not work anymore with version 2.1.3 as of 25th/May/2011 with Firefox.

Any way you could fix it? Also, if you can remove the badly done button with the resources in flight that Ogame created that would be fantastic!

Thanks a million!
A fan.

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5 stars
New Ogame update , Apr 22, 2010
Review written by MegaThunder - see all my reviews (4)

The script is excellent but now after the new Ogame Redesign is not working.

Maybe something else is causing the problem.


5 stars
Shows res that is in flight , Oct 23, 2009
Review written by John Cullen - see all my reviews (5)

Totals the res from Attacks(R) so you know what you are getting.
There is another total for Transport.
You can collapse it to one line and that setting is remembered.
A good, useful script!


5 stars
Awesome , Jan 26, 2010
Review written by Neil Smithline - see all my reviews (12)

Either summarizes all of your in-flight resources or gives details. Will total all resources coming to the current planet with resources on the planet. This makes it super-easy when gathering resources to do a build.


4 stars
planet namming , Dec 1, 2011
Review written by LPuNKT - see all my reviews (2)

With a full planet name (with all available characters) the sum of returning resources to the planet is wrong .. it calculates well the amount of flying resources but ... with a planet of X characters in the name (i check it with one named "testing a new script") the flying resources to the planet arent added to the existing resources in that planet.


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1 star
doesnt work , May 9, 2010
Review written by ogameaddict - see all my reviews (3)

doesnt work, previous versions worked, but it no longer works since update


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1 star
new design sucks!! , Mar 6, 2011
Review written by tongette - see all my reviews (1)

Doesnt work properly and gives me trouble in transporting resources. just will not let me send my metal no matter what! even when typing in what to send. go back to old design! - old design would be 5star

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