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By benleevolk Last update Apr 26, 2013 — Installed 76,852 times.

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5 stars
Brilliant! , Jul 12, 2010
Review written by Changbiyuan - see all my reviews (1)

This is just great. I just wanted strikethrough in Gmail for the first time and tripped up over the lack of button. I tried copying and pasting into Word and adding the formatting there, but the font got changed in the process and making any further edits after I pasted back into Gmail proved quite troublesome.

So I went and found this script and it did the trick just peachily! Thanks so much.

Firefox 3.6.6, GM 0.8020100408.6, in case that's useful to anyone who's having trouble.


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5 stars
<s>Trivial</s> Simple, elegant , Apr 9, 2010
Review written by Nils Barth - see all my reviews (3)

Does just what it says on the tin – adds a completely unnecessary much-missed button, allowing you to add snark subtlety to your emails.

Many thanks to the kind author.


5 stars
I love this! Much better than "StrikeThrough for Gmail" in Chrome Web Store , Aug 14, 2012
Review written by raindrop - see all my reviews (3)

I was previously using "StrikeThrough for Gmail" by jrschumacher (

But a reviewer named Jolom Crousheix noted that that extension slows down the loading of the list of labels. Jolom recommended this Userscript.

When I installed this Gmail Strikethrough Button, I noticed that the action is snappy and quick. Thank you, benleevolk.

I guess the only concern I have is that Chrome browser is warning me that this userscript can read all data on all websites. That's pretty scary.


5 stars
Works like a charm... , Dec 12, 2012
Review written by appel - see all my reviews (2)

... even in the new compose window!


5 stars
Very useful! , Sep 19, 2009
Review written by Waffull - see all my reviews (6)

This is one of those things you don't even realize you miss that much when moving from a full desktop application to a web app until someone points it out. That happened to me a few months back and I've been suggesting the feature to gmail ever since. I was very happy when I came across the script. It didn't work at first but the author was very responsive and with enough feedback, fixed it within hours.

Any chance of adopting this script to add the button to google docs apps? The feature is there, but a button to use it would be awesome.

Anyway, great script and great author. Thank you.


5 stars
Works , Jul 28, 2010
Review written by BBfreak - see all my reviews (2)

Does the job and easy to access. Can't ask for more.


5 stars
Works as advertised. , Jul 30, 2011
Review written by codespaced - see all my reviews (2)

You may not know you need it, but you need it.


5 stars
Good Scripts! , Dec 20, 2012
Review written by Trever d - see all my reviews (495)

Nice Scripts, work very good, I really like it.


5 stars
Awesome - thank you! , Nov 20, 2013
Review written by Karen22 - see all my reviews (1)

Works perfectly, very simple to install. Thank you very much indeed!

I followed these instructions to find this website and to install the extension:!topic/g...

StarrLightLevel 2

I figured out how to add a strikethrough option when composing emails in gmail while using Chrome... [extension on Chrome site doesn't work so...]

Instead, I went here and found a script for this exact same extension and installed in manually, and it works great.

Here is where you can find the script:

Download the file. Chrome will tell you that you can't install it. That's fine. Then do the following:

1. Select the Menu icon for your version of Chrome so you can access the "tools" menu on your browser.
2. Select Tools > Extensions.
3. Locate the extension file on your computer and drag the file onto the Extensions page.

I literally just dragged and dropped the script file onto my extensions page and the extension appeared in my gmail just as it did when I downloaded it from the Chrome store, except this time it actually worked. Go figure.

Hope this helps!


5 stars
Absolutely fantastic.. , Dec 17, 2010
Review written by Alex Eman - see all my reviews (1)

A really simple, but invaluable script. I wish all scripts were this great.