Gaia Online Mule Tool V2

By sdfghjklkjhgfds sdfghjiuytr Last update Mar 26, 2014 — Installed 8,164 times.

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Needs Another Update , Apr 8, 2014
Review written by EuphoricApathy - see all my reviews (1)

After gaia changed their header,i can no longer get this to workout,it opens for a split second and then closes again... please update!!!


4 stars
Moving List , Apr 26, 2011
Review written by KenneyLogan1313 - see all my reviews (4)

Just got this script, I have 18 ACTIVE accounts on Gaia, and this script is phenominal...I just have one little complaint...

The list order keeps changing, I need it to quit that, I login in a specific order, and when the list keeps changing, it throws off the order...any way I can tweak this to lock the list order?

Also, in the example pic, you have a Shortcuts menu add-on...might I ask where you got it?

Thanks in advance!

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5 stars
Awesome , Jul 4, 2010
Review written by That Cursed Number - see all my reviews (3)

Easily the single most helpful tool for multi-account users. Trustworthy and continuously maintained. Recommended.


5 stars
Nothing But Wonderful , Jan 1, 2010
Review written by LadyGothicMelody - see all my reviews (1)

Ever since I installed this program, switching back and forth from my mules to my main has been a breeze. Just hit that drop down menu and go. WONDERFUL... WONDERFUL