OGame: Cargos necessary

By Black Cat Last update Oct 24, 2013 — Installed 89,040 times.

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Enhancing the code, cargos necessary in all pages. , Aug 19, 2010
Review written by mohace - see all my reviews (5)

I changed a little bit the code of another Cargos Necessary Script and I think that you can read it also.


With those changes, cargos neccesary are shown in all pages under the officers pics, so, it gives you an idea of "when" to send the cargos.
I changed also the name of cargos for space reasons. I call large cargos LC or C+ and small cargos SC or C-.
Thanks, see you.


5 stars
Good Scripts! , Dec 20, 2012
Review written by Trever d - see all my reviews (495)

Nice script, work very good, I really like it.