Travian: Antifarm\Troop saver v1.2.7

By deFox Last update Sep 15, 2009 — Installed 25,571 times.

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5 stars
Best attack dodger for 3.5 yet , Jul 21, 2009
Review written by bk- - see all my reviews (1)

If you're not retarded, you can follow the directions & hints left by the developer. I have tested it on 3x speed .us server.


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5 stars
GREAT script , Jul 28, 2009
Review written by psovegule - see all my reviews (2)

wonderfull script, its really easy to repair bug if try (hints will tell u all, just read them), i never saw java before and i got it running

so 5 strars from me, well done

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1 star
For "geeks" only ! , Jul 27, 2009
Review written by morpheus24 - see all my reviews (1)

How many people use this script ? Not many cause nobody knows how to properly configure it including you..
Obviously this script is stolen and you dont know how to configure it properly...

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5 stars
Dynomite , Aug 25, 2009
Review written by Ronin Lantley - see all my reviews (1)

this script is AWESOME. so much better than the one i was using before. holy smokes.... this script rocks


5 stars
Very Helpful :) , Aug 22, 2009
Review written by Abhi J - see all my reviews (3)

I used this script and it works perfect after code modification,

it sends out troops before attack and brings them back after the attack, u just need to leave ur main village page open and forget about the troops.

This script is Very Helpful for all travian players when they get attacked frequently by their enemies and want to save their troops.

thanks deFox for the script


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5 stars
Looks Good man , Aug 1, 2009
Review written by Polaski - see all my reviews (3)

:-) Nice idea to introduce the bug.