[OBSOLETE] Twitter Fix Web Replies

By Richard Gibson Last update Jun 9, 2010 — Installed 5,998 times.

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i love it! , Apr 3, 2010
Review written by DyNama - see all my reviews (4)

this is a terrific script! my replies go to all my followers while still "in reply to" the original tweet is how twitter should work.

this even retains the reference if you manually replace the dot with RT which i frequently do, and paste the original tweet in to edit.

i might follow someone that one of my followees replies to if twitter included those tweets in my timeline. i think everyone should use this script! now i tend to use the web interface more often than tweetdeck mostly becuz of this script.

i must add that i never see the preview of the tweet i'm replying to, but even tho a ballyhoo'd feature doesn't actually work i still love it.