Obviously Scrub Google Redirect Links

By Dugeen Last update Mar 7, 2012 — Installed 57,749 times.

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3 stars
Needs an update , May 7, 2010
Review written by spiralofhope - see all my reviews (5)

Great idea, but it doesn't seem to work..


1 star
Does not work. , May 18, 2010
Review written by BF98 - see all my reviews (21)

I needed it for other Google services since I already had plugin for Google search. It did not work.


5 stars
Read My Mind , Jul 15, 2009
Review written by CogDog - see all my reviews (1)

I was just about to try to roll my own script when I found this one- perfect! It's bad enough Google redirects links from results, but now that have gone and obfuscated the green text links when they are long.