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thought about everything! , Apr 13, 2013
Review written by ewerybody - see all my reviews (4)

Yeaa this is it! I actually thought about: Darn this can probably be modified to make it mobile-like page dragging for any website! And BAM its already in! var grabndrag = true; Voilà!

I actually hate the awkward MMB-push scroll thingy and don't understand how someone in good conscience can think this is a good idea! Its like driving a car with a long stick on the wheel. From the back seat.

I wish more apps would support whats now common sense on all the mobile devices: Direct click-drag FTW!

nonetheless having the scrollbar at the finger tips is cool too! Having anything on finger tips is actually the way to go!! :D Thanks a lot!


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Very good !!! , Mar 17, 2010
Review written by baryoni - see all my reviews (103)

Another option to scroll with the mouse.

I like that :-)



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Doesn't work on Opera , Jan 2, 2010
Review written by tangerine - see all my reviews (1)

Tried also changing trigger to right button, yet no luck.

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