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By Jordon Kalilich Last update Mar 22, 2008 — Installed 1,822 times.

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Needs to include https , Oct 14, 2013
Review written by Connor Behan - see all my reviews (3)

Although this may be a pointless review since you said it is no longer maintained.


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Very handy - but make sure cookies are enabled! , Dec 31, 2008
Review written by SwornPacifist - see all my reviews (4)

Very handy, since Wikipedia often signs me out and I don't want to sign in every time I read an article, but often I'll fix a mistake I find in an article and it's handy to already be signed in.

I did run into a problem once though when cookies were temporarily disabled, it got stuck in a loop, but it was easy enough to close the window and re-enable cookies.