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By Crend King Last update Aug 5, 2012 — Installed 6,015 times.

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2 stars
Causes Gmail Error , Feb 18, 2010
Review written by DanielP - see all my reviews (3)

This script works well and as described. For it's intended purpose, I can't complain.

But, I've been trying to figure out what was causing a huge black "box" to appear under my signature every time I sent an email through Gmail. The entire contents of the email body would be filled solid black, below the signature and a length that was usually triple the original email length. Every one I emailed complained. This prevented mobile devices from being able to see my emails sent via my browser as well.

I finally found a post in Google Groups that mentioned another Greasemonkey script doing the same thing. After disabling each script and sending test emails, I figured out it was this script causing the problem.

If you don't use Gmail, this is a great script. But I do, so I'm giving it only 2 stars because of the frustration it caused.


5 stars
awesome! , Jul 30, 2009
Review written by IzzySoft - see all my reviews (8)

A really useful script - and with the latest update even awesome! Doesn't fire accidentally (due to the combination of mouse movement with a modifier key), and has proven to work really great for me during the past few weeks. Author reacts fast on issues, and a fix usually comes soon then. Highly recommendable!