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5 stars
Very helpful , May 27, 2012
Review written by Tom.C - see all my reviews (5)

Brilliant script, it always annoyed me that i had to use the GT player, now i just click the direct link to the video file and play it with the VLC firefox plugin so the video is a lot less pixelated.


5 stars
Easily download , Apr 10, 2010
Review written by XtremeRampage - see all my reviews (5)

What the script does is to make downloading videos more simple, easier, and faster from site. Instead of going through a lengthy registration process to able to download or waiting for trailers to slowly finish loading (which happened often in my case), a click on the popped-up link located at the bottom right corner of the screen trigger download to start instantly.


5 stars
Does what it says , Jun 27, 2011
Review written by _Freya_ - see all my reviews (3)

... and it's doing it PERFECT! Even age limitation or blocked flash doesn't prevent to download.
Thanks a lot.