Facebook - Mousehunt Smart Autohunter

By Wr3cktangle Last update Feb 6, 2009 — Installed 52,592 times.

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4 stars
Has been great now needs looking at , Nov 23, 2009
Review written by tartu - see all my reviews (1)

Have run this script for a couple of months without issues. However this weekend methods have gone under an overhaul.

My kings reward have at their shortest been 1hr 30mins. I take this as clearest indicator that this script is no longer safe.

Cannot enter the kings reward while greasmonkey is running. Get an error message that the code entered was wrong. It is as if their system can detect greasemonkey script running even though is for another app. Have to close firefox, reopen without greasemonkey


5 stars
NEVER FAILS , Nov 13, 2009
Review written by iispyderii - see all my reviews (9)

Guys, I write scripts but this one is simple and amazing. It hasn't had a flaw for months!

Don't trust other scripts b/c they can get you banned.


5 stars
Perfect! , Mar 25, 2009
Review written by Maglor - see all my reviews (1)

This works like a charm!
Installed it yesterday,
tested it over night.

And it works like it should do!

Why is this better than the other scripts out there?

Because it only refreshes when you CAN sound the horn.

I saw in my hunter's log that sometimesi only ounded the horn afte 2 houres.
But when i took a closer look i saw that in between others from my huntersgroup did.
Now when that happens this script yust sits and waits to be the first the next time!

SO YOU CANT GET CAUGHT! (no be advised, if you havent got annyone else hunting where you hunt and if you do it overnight as i did for testing its dangerous)