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5 stars
I love this script so much , Dec 6, 2008
Review written by Rose Fox - see all my reviews (1)

killfile is super awesome, yay!

I'm pasting in Xtina's additional code for FetLife forums here, since I can't leave a comment:

* Search in the script for the string function pandagonNewScenario. After that function block, add this code block:

function fetScenario() {
    return {
        commenttopxpath: "//div[contains(@class,'group_comment')]",
        sigbit: "./*[contains(@class,'span-14')]/div[@class='quiet']",
        precedingBit: '<a href="/users/[0-9]*">',
        followingBit: '</a> responded .*',

* Next, search for the string ravelry:[{scenario. After that line, add this line:


* Save and close, then reload a fetlife groups post, hooray!


5 stars
Makes Scienceblogs readable; wonderful , Nov 23, 2010
Review written by hank - see all my reviews (1)

Those of us who remember 'rn' or 'nn' newsreading, with the ability to choose what not to see, know it is possible to sip from the firehose -- with help from good programmers.

Killfile is the only tool I know that does something similar for the web.

I see it recommended _often_ at science blogging sites, probably by people who like me remember that it's possible to do this job well.

Killfile deserves to be famous.