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5 stars
Last update Jan 19, 2013 , Feb 9, 2013
Review written by jaddus - see all my reviews (11)

Seamonkey 2.14.1 - OK (scriptish 0.1.8)
in about:config

extensions.scriptish.scriptvals.GoogleSearchFilterPlus@smk.filters;[Simple Store]
greasemonkey.scriptvals.smk/Google Search Filter Plus.filters;[Simple Store]
greasemonkey.scriptvals.smk/Google Search Filter Plus.guiSettings;{"mouseX":445,"mouseY":151,"sortedColumnName":"filter","sortDescending":false}
greasemonkey.scriptvals.smk/Google Search Filter Plus.resHidden;false

Firefox ESR 10.0.12 - not work (greasemonkey 0.9.22, scriptish 0.1.8)
in about:config - only
greasemonkey.scriptvals.smk/Google Search Filter Plus.resHidden;false

Firefox ESR 17.0.2 - OK (gm 1.7.1)


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1 star
Script appears non-functional, Dev too much of an arrogant tool to explain how to use it properly , Jun 9, 2012
Review written by ThisDevSucks - see all my reviews (1)

Using FF 12.0, can't get this script to work no matter the syntax I use in the configuration file. Instead of simple instructions, the dev just pawns the job off on the the writers of the code he mostly ripped off. When specifically asked for the proper syntax, the dev responds with things like "read the main page". Useless script, useless dev.


3 stars
Good when it works , Feb 23, 2012
Review written by overcompilcatedprocess - see all my reviews (1)

Overall the concept and execution is good HOWEVER, it relies on googles built in options in order to function.

Filters can only be added via the google options menu, which frequently malfunctions.

There is no easily accessible or editable list of the filters which are installed.

Using NoScript to block stops the filter from working.

I would love to see a version of this script that works on the end output rather and does not rely on googles frequently changing internal mechanisms.


5 stars
Any words I have to say are probably way too inadequate... , Mar 15, 2011
Review written by Marti - see all my reviews (73)

  • 5 stars (EXCELLENT) - Not only does everything it claims, but it is significantly more useful than scripts of similar nature. This script is likely to be one you use often and you highly recommend it.
  • 4 stars (GOOD) - Useful and easy to use, though not necessarily special. This script is recommended but may be more suited for some people over others.
  • 3 stars (PASSABLE) - May have some design issues and/or some missing features. Any problems it has are not drastic enough to recommend against, and some people may still find it useful. Recommended for those who need it and are willing to give it a try.
  • 2 stars (POOR) - Script is of low quality, usability, or just doesn't do what it says it should. You are recommending against this script, while noting that it might have some redeeming value for a few people.
  • 1 star (BAD) - Script either doesn't work correctly or is utterly useless. You can't think of any significant reason why someone should give it a try and are recommending that it be avoided completely.

This is an absolute must when using Google search and the integration of Google CSE is even more unbelievablly GOOD! USO searching is now less of a chore and who knows this script may even be able to replace Greasefire functionality for filtering. ;)

Extremely nice job and it is a pleasure throwing ideas around with you. :)

P.S. MPL is the best choice!!!! Mozilla ROX!


4 stars
Worked great! But google effed it up , May 11, 2010
Review written by misterCurtis - see all my reviews (1)

This script was perfect for my needs. Then Google updated it's search pages last week, thus breaking this script. If you didn't get the Google update applied to your account this is perfect for filtering results. But if you're like me and got sucked into the new Google design, you're out of luck; since no script I've found so far does what this one does with googles new design.


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5 stars
should be part of firefox , Jul 21, 2009
Review written by socialism has NEVER worked - see all my reviews (5)

search engine spam is intolerable.. these features should be included in the browser by default for the big three:



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5 stars
awesome! MUST HAVE , Jan 20, 2009
Review written by Good To Too - see all my reviews (7)

Finally one such with solid wild card implementation!

banish truth by consensus:

MUST HAVE for google!

(hopefully one for livesearch and yahoo soon)