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By Luke Boland Last update Apr 17, 2009 — Installed 1,320 times.

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Very nice. , Jul 19, 2009
Review written by MagnoliaSouth - see all my reviews (8)

I've so far only used it for Digg, but honestly I like it better than the "share this" links you find elsewhere.

How it works:
A text link remains on the right of the screen and when you click it, the menu opens up. Click it again, and it closes.

* Includes Diigo which is often left to the wayside, but also includes many others.
* Is non-intrusive.

* While it is un-intrusive, the text link is still a bit large (for smaller screens) and from what I can tell, it cannot be resized.
* You cannot hide the text link either.

All in all it works as promised. If I had a wish list item, it would be to select a size as well as a way to hide it altogether.