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By Strawp Last update Mar 7, 2009 — Installed 12,196 times.

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Breaks Facebook , Apr 2, 2009
Review written by Chris4 - see all my reviews (48)

BUG: With this script, you're unable to view notifications or applications from the bottom bar, as well as search suggestions from the top bar.

I found the problem with trial and error. Removing this code:

    // Work out the current language from the class name of the body element of the page

    var lang = "Locale_en_US";

    for (l in languages) {

      if ($("body." + l).length > 0)

        lang = l;


..then makes it work, but the button doesn't appear. So if the author or someone else can find out what is wrong with that short piece of code, the script will be fixed.


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Seems to work fine , Dec 15, 2008
Review written by teukkam - see all my reviews (2)

Works fine for all my now-active events. But international users should note that this only works when Facebook display language is set to English. I am thinking of branching this once again to maintain a Finnish-speaking version. There probably isn't an elegant way to incorporate many languages in one script.


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good, but breaks notifications , Mar 7, 2009
Review written by Patrick 3 - see all my reviews (1)

There is a little box in the lower right hand corner of the facebook screen, next to chat. I has a list of notifications, and turns red when there's a new one. This script manages to prevent that box from opening. Otherwise, it does provide an essential function for organizing my life.