Mob Wars Fight / Add Mobsters

By Dave Wong Last update Dec 19, 2008 — Installed 8,857 times.

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3 stars
works i guess , Dec 18, 2008
Review written by Brak - see all my reviews (4)

Could be worse...

the script does highlight like it claims, and typically you can beat that person.

other than the color choices, i guess i don't have any complaints at this point.


4 stars
Adding Mobsters , Jan 14, 2009
Review written by branko56 - see all my reviews (3)

Nice script, good for fighting but not the best for expanding your mob. I just dont feel comfortable adding randoms that may not even want to build their mobsize; I use MobWarz Expansion:


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5 stars
Does what it says on the tin. , Dec 27, 2008
Review written by Andy Calderbank - see all my reviews (3)

This script does exactly what it says it does, it also does it well.
As long as you've built your mob strong and have decent equipment you should be able to beat all green and most blues, of course depending on luck and the randomness of the game.
All in all, definitely a worth while script to have loaded, makes the fight job somewhat easier to figure out who to hit for the most experience.