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By md5sum Last update Feb 1, 2011 — Installed 18,855 times.

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Terrible Script , Mar 24, 2010
Review written by Xamindar - see all my reviews (2)

This script doesn't work right and it constantly refreshes the page way too fast. It's like it is refreshing the page as fast as the browser will let it. Getting the config screen open is a real pain because you have to stop the browser at the right point to be able to open it before it refreshes the page again.

Changing the refresh settings have no effect at all. I have tried various numbers between -1 and 2000 and it hasn't changed the speed one bit.

Oh well, the search for a good woot.com script continues.

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Okay for general Woot Off use, terrible for BOCs , Jan 28, 2010
Review written by ChicagoGuy - see all my reviews (1)

This script works fine for Woot-offs, it keeps refreshing the page so you don't have to do so manually, and I like that it modifies the browser's title bar to display percentage remaining and the product name.

However, when a BOC appears, the autobuy functionality (which is, in my view, the most important functionality of this script) collapses faster than you can say "Jenga!" Not only did it not do what it was meant to do (which is, buy the damn thing automatically), but when faced with page load errors, it just stopped working. Like I mean it's gone. The Wootoff Suite link doesn't even appear anymore, and the page isn't auto-refreshing anymore. It's as if the script knows I know how much is sucks, and it didn't want to stick around to look me in the eye after I witnessed its abject failure firsthand.

Three days of dependable service, and it blows up at the mere sight of a BOC. Pathetic.

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4 stars
Great Script , Nov 20, 2009
Review written by x82hammer28x - see all my reviews (1)

This script is totally awesome. The ads are promptly removed from Woot and kids.Woot, the control panel is clear and understandable. I love being able to set the refresh rate for sold out items separately from the normal refresh rate.

In reading through the discussions, the author seems to really take pride in his work, getting back with people as quickly as possible.

Although the script failed to auto-buy the random crap in the 11/19/09 woot-off, I'm giving it 4 stars for being so feature packed and almost entirely functioning.


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2 stars
Didn't work , Nov 19, 2009
Review written by pfsnape - see all my reviews (1)

Got me to the order screen but failed to add security code and finish the sale. The writer says it's fixed now... but what good does that do? It's all over until the next woot-off and who knows if woot will add another hurdle that won't be accounted for and then that will be patched and then ANOTHER hurdle is added. I gave it 2 stars because at least it did continually refresh as advertised.

But hey, if you dance with the Devil, you get burned. And so it goes.


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2 stars
Review written by teaminfra - see all my reviews (1)

It takes you to the checkout page, but DOES NOT enter your security code for you and buy it. You are stuck with a confirmation page and NO BAG OF CRAP. Thanks for the effort but this was a real disappointment script

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5 stars
BOC! , Nov 18, 2009
Review written by mckayc - see all my reviews (1)

This is one of the best scripts I have seen! It makes woot offs much nicer!

Great things:
Title bar displays percentage left in tag. Perfect!
Nice link to Google Products. Makes life a bit simpler.
I think it is slick how you can edit part of the script on the main site.
I love how it autorefreshes when the item is sold out. Saves me time and headache.

Give the option for how many items you want to purchase for random crap. I only get 1 and don't want to buy all 3 now that they have upped the price.

Have an option for if PayPal is your default payment method instead of a credit card.

Thanks for the great script!