Gmail Bottom Posting v3

By Damir Zekić Last update Oct 23, 2008 — Installed 4,447 times.

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5 stars
works fantastically , Apr 24, 2009
Review written by Xiong Chiamiov - see all my reviews (1)

It does what it claims, and it still works as of Apr. 23, 09.


5 stars
Just works! , Feb 26, 2010
Review written by Dan Linder - see all my reviews (1)

I only had to tweak the Included Pages in the configuration (Tools -> Greasemonkey -> Manage User Scripts...), and change the ".TLD" to ".COM" in the GMail urls.
(I assume they did this for non-US users...)


5 stars
Not working , Sep 21, 2010
Review written by Tom Spear - see all my reviews (1)

Changed .tld as recommended by others, doesn't seem to work now. Maybe because of some google labs feature I have enabled, but I doubt it.


1 star
Corroborate not working , Jan 28, 2011
Review written by Jacob Mandelson - see all my reviews (1)

This doesn't work for me either, either with the script as-is or with the .tld-s changed to .com-s.
In the error console I get messages "Permission denied for <> to get property Window.addEventListener from <>."