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4 stars
good , Aug 4, 2010
Review written by Ryan222 - see all my reviews (4)

This is just the type of script I was looking for. Very convenient for seeing the ratings ahead of time, instead of having to click on each movie before being able to see the rating. My only complaint is it's not compatible with IMDb Weaver. The ones that are supposed to be theatrical releases show up as t.v. episodes. Basically it confuses IMDb Weaver's color code. If this was fixed I'd easily give this script 5 stars.


5 stars
Incredibly useful - will change how you use IMDB , Jan 7, 2010
Review written by nascent - see all my reviews (79)

I absolutely love this script. Have been using it for ages now but decided it was time to review.

As stated in the about page, it adds the ability to retrieve imdb ratings for all movies in a director/actor's filmography for easy viewing, but also the script adds a sort function that then takes the ratings and sorts them in decending order leaving that actor/directr's best wor k and putting it on top.

This is great for anyone that wants to see the best films by certain individuals. It also really puts things in perspective when you can easily see how good a person's work is and whether it is worth seeing another of their films again.


5 stars
very usefull , Aug 3, 2010
Review written by hosts - see all my reviews (9)

thank you