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By Maarten Last update Mar 28, 2014 — Installed 12,966 times.

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Used to be great , May 19, 2013
Review written by Wesley Crossman - see all my reviews (1)

Unfortunately Netflix broke it. I wrote a barebones replacement that does work for saving ratings to CSV, but it does require a little cut-and-paste. My script has few features, but it's easy to maintain.

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No longer works , Jan 30, 2013
Review written by David Orr - see all my reviews (1)

This script no longer works with the current Netflix site and it hasn't been updated in over a year. The DVD ratings are now at "", but it still doesn't do anything when I added that URL to the Included Pages for this script.

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Not Working for me , Sep 3, 2011
Review written by crubin - see all my reviews (1)

Getting the error message "Could not extract ratings; please contact the author of this script" when I run it on Firfox 6.01.


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5 stars
Does exactly what it says , Sep 24, 2011
Review written by nandrosa - see all my reviews (1)

I love this script, the new version (1.15) works for me and I was able to pull my ratings today (9/24/11).

I have over 500 ratings on Netflix, and I consider those ratings my content. With this script, I can take control of that content.

RIP Netflix 2011.


5 stars , Mar 28, 2014
Review written by btoopkong - see all my reviews (11)

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5 stars
Back from the dead!!! , Mar 24, 2014
Review written by monkeypants - see all my reviews (2)

This script saved my bottom!! It used to be Netflix would let me log in and see my ratings without a membership but now it is required to have a membership to see the stored ratings. I am outta here with my 1,254 ratings!

Five stars, thanks to the author!


5 stars
Grateful for this , Feb 25, 2014
Review written by Summersday - see all my reviews (1)

Turns out I have no life and so have accumulated over 1200 Netflix ratings. At any rate now I have successfully extracted this valuable data from Netflix. Worked like a charm, my first userscript to do so.


5 stars
Just what I needed! , Sep 24, 2011
Review written by ZarathustrA - see all my reviews (1)

It's great to know my ratings are now safe and whenever I choose to put them elsewhere I won't have to remember thousands of entries.

This script worked perfectly and in its latest update (1.15) it seemed a hell of a lot faster and didn't completely lock-up Firefox for several minutes in the way it has in the past. I'm also on an older PC than I was last time I used this!

The developer is also quick to update every time Netflix's bored web developers decide something needs to be moved or changed for no good reason what-so-ever.

Thanks for the hard work, Maarten, it's greatly appreciated!

P.S. Has anybody else realized that not only will the selection of movies be split in this new move by Netflix but also your ratings will and thus the effectiveness of the recommendations and projected ratings will be cut in half.
To quote the miss-manager himself -- "ouch".


2 stars
Only 14 out of 500+ reviews extracted , Sep 10, 2011
Review written by vaquero - see all my reviews (1)

I'm another Netflix customer that is leaving due to their constant price hikes ($2 for Blu Ray, which was fine, now its an extra $8 to continue having the streaming/1 disk at a time combo).

Found this via Google search. There's other bogus tools found via Google like "" that redirects you to LikeMinds, which has no option to transfer your info.

Having said that, installed the script, followed the instructions at the bottom of the page. Rebooted Chrome, went to my ratings page, scrolled down, and ran the script.

Exported 14 ratings, I tried this 3 times. 3 separate methods (unchecked all boxes except 5 stars, then just 3 stars, then Not Interested etc). I even checked off the ID & Genre to just leave the plain Title & Rating to no avail.

To summarize: It output 14 reviews. To clarify, only the ID & Review. The Title & Genre did not export.

I hope this can be fixed soon, because I am so over them at this point. For those interested BlockBuster is doing a Netflix promo. Personally this works out since I am doing away with my Gamefly & Netflix account to continue saving.

Overall though, great tool, definitely see potential for it.

Additional Info for the coder should it help:

Mac OS X 10.7.1
Chrome 14.0.835.126 beta

Cheers Marteen!

PS: I did check your to-do list, and did see the granular fix, which might account for some of my ratings, but still believe it should've pulled more than 14 ratings.


5 stars
Very Useful Script , Jul 10, 2011
Review written by victor.garin - see all my reviews (1)

Ever since Netflix axed the Friends feature which I used for comparing ratings with other profiles, I looked for an alternative.

This script does the job, with the added benefit of backing up your ratings.

I no longer have to go to each page, and file save as it in Firefox.

Saves me alot of time.

Thanks Maarten.