Google Fx v2.35

By Pablo Custo Last update Sep 1, 2010 — Installed 299,368 times.

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doesn't work , Mar 4, 2012
Review written by sahands - see all my reviews (11)

why does the author say it works in opera when it doesn't!?


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Interesting ideas , Apr 18, 2009
Review written by gantt - see all my reviews (1)

This script uses some interesting ideas (image zoom, language change for Google Suggest), but it breaks too many things to be used for other services than Google Search and Image Search (for example, Google Notebook is unusable, while Google Docs includes a bar that diminishes the already-limited space for editing documents).

I suggest to limit the included pages to:****

The script tries to do way too many things, it's bloated, difficult to maintain and easy to break by any minor change in Google's pages.


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will the auther update this good script? , Nov 15, 2013
Review written by 试试看 - see all my reviews (2)

it seems that it can not work well at 21 or newer ones


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Buggy , Apr 18, 2009
Review written by Ashwyn Mittal - see all my reviews (1)

After I clicked on magnifying glass(search) on the top frame, everything has gone like preview images, counts, right panel, other searches. Tried re-installing but nothing works.


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NoScript + AutoPager + GoogleFX = not so good , Jul 8, 2009
Review written by mike-ger - see all my reviews (1)

I'm using GoogleFx v2.1.8 in combination with FireFox 3.5 , NoScript v1.9.5 (= blocking several Google things) and AutoPager v0.5.2.2

Unfortunately this combination is not working well... have to de-activate at least NoScript to have full GoogleFx usage... if not, Google shows only 1 page with N results and that's it.

If I would be able to keep ALL my add-ons enabled w/out any problem I would really love GoogleFX... but as long as I have to de-activate at least NoScript... well... bye-bye, GoogleFX.

Maybe someone got a solution for my problem?

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The thumnails doesnt work anymore , Jan 15, 2010
Review written by techn - see all my reviews (1)

Amazing amazing script, but several features has been desabled with the images search.

I hope you fix it please

thanks for this amazing script keep going that way


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Awesome Script , Apr 21, 2009
Review written by dogusdogus - see all my reviews (14)

Simply Wonderful! All Google in your hands!



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Oversight? Hard to tell. , Feb 3, 2010
Review written by Thomas Smith - see all my reviews (7)

Google FX is very comprehensive, even confusing. After some minutes spent trying, I never did find the control to customize the color of visited links "in any of the included schemes, they blend into the background". I may play with it more until I find it. I may not though, as Google FX slows down the page an awful lot. Perhaps the extensive color coding is what slows down the page, how many elements really need to be controlled? Why make a simple thing so complicated that you need a book to understand it well enough to get back to the utility that you naturally and effortlessly had before you started breaking it down into all of its various possible sub-components?
The css needs work, in single column view the +Show Options drops a transparency over top of search results leaving over a third of the page on the right open and empty. Google default of shifting them to the right is nice, perhaps not overriding it would speed up the page some. For the most part, transparency is only good on blank backgrounds.
A feature I would like to see is dated search results without limiting them by using Google Advanced Search.


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Very cooooooooooool ! , Dec 2, 2008
Review written by firefoxsweet - see all my reviews (1)

Very cooooooooooool !


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Review written by gabedibble - see all my reviews (13)

I don't use this script, but I am in awe of the source!

Much respect to the author ;)