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By yah Last update Sep 9, 2013 — Installed 2,494,682 times.

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1 star , Sep 9, 2013
Review written by shoesus30 - see all my reviews (9)


Share a website with you ,

( )

Believe you will love it.

We accept any form of payment.


1 star
Has become worthless , Mar 12, 2011
Review written by Filipke - see all my reviews (4)

Almost all filehoster sites are broken in this rapidly crumbling script.

1 of the few that stil worked was , but now this last one is also broken, nice work, the more this script is "updated", the more broken is becomes.......


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1 star
Does not work.... , Dec 11, 2009
Review written by twistedvincent - see all my reviews (2)

I have tried this script with both firefox and chrome and had no luck with either. Could someone give me a clue as to why??

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1 star
SUCKS , Nov 5, 2009
Review written by HATE - see all my reviews (3)

i change my review after the new version. it doesnt work on rapidshare links.

this script is worthless now.


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1 star
Bad News Megaupload , Aug 13, 2009
Review written by zeroenhance - see all my reviews (1)

There are a problem with your script
when i go to megaupload, appears the next mesagge:

We have detected an elevated number of requests from your IP address.
This may be caused by improperly designed third-party software.
A temporary access restriction is in place. Please check back in 22 minutes or log in using your premium account.

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3 stars
update , Oct 13, 2010
Review written by haqy - see all my reviews (6)

Some dead links seems green color..


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3 stars
Cripples some websites. , Jul 26, 2010
Review written by BF98 - see all my reviews (21)

It does great for what is supposed to do on right websites, but it slow some websites really bad. My advice to developer: you can not put http://* for "included pages". Sites like will take 10 times longer with this script on. And people immediately start blaming Firefox. Please compile list of 40-50 most popular download websites for newbies to put into "included pages" or put a disclaimer that http://* or * in "included pages" can create massive slowdowns.


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3 stars
file size , Mar 22, 2010
Review written by Experiences11 - see all my reviews (8)

why doesn't this script show the file size when the cursor is on the link?

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3 stars
Great script but... , May 30, 2012
Review written by SUPER_KEG - see all my reviews (105)

links from for some reason coming back as not working using this script but ar indeed working when clicked.


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3 stars
it lacks some functionality and sometimes works incorrectly , Dec 10, 2009
Review written by Drug0y - see all my reviews (23)

1. It could show filename and filesize (at least for some shares), but it doesn't.
2. Sometimes it defines absolutely incorrectly (example is this link: )